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A bunch of bright green leek at a farmers market stand.
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How To Cut Leeks

Learn with Step-by-Step instructions to cut leeks for recipes. Tutorial on how to clean, trim, and slice leeks plus freezer storage tips for faster cooking!
Active Time20 mins
Total Time20 mins
Course: Side Dishes & Vegetables
Cuisine: Condiment
Keyword: fresh sliced leeks
Yield: 2 cups
Cost: $4



Clean and slicing leeks

  • On a stable cutting board, trim the root end off and discard. Next, remove 5 inches of the top dark green leaves, leaving the lighter green leek leaves. (The dark part is tough but is great in chicken stocks and bone broths!)
  • Then, from the root end slice up all the way through the leek but leave the top end connected, this is so you can soak and wash the dirt but not have leaves everywhere!
  • Once most of the dirt is removed slice all the way through so you have two halves.
  • In a large bowl of clean cool water, rinse the leek halves and change the water several times.
  • Fan the leaves open under water to be sure they are clean. And keep changing the water until clear.
  • Once clean, move to a cutting board. Now slice all the way though the leeks, and slice into thin strips for your recipe.

Storing leeks

  • Press a clean towel on leeks to dry.
  • Place clean sliced leeks in zip-top bags and store in freezer for 3-4 months.


Pro Cooking Leek Tips:
2 large leeks or 3 medium yields about 2 cups (179g) of sliced leeks.
Buy several leeks at once,  clean, slice, and keep ready in the freezer for quick recipe preparation.
Most recipes call for the white and light green parts of the leeks, the dark green parts can be tougher, but can be used in your chicken stocks and broths.
Storing Leeks:
After you buy leeks, refrigerate them unwashed in open plastic bags up to 1-2 weeks.
Freezing Leeks: 
Store clean and pre-sliced, in freezer zip lock bags for 3-4 months.
Freeze the clean, dark green leek pieces in a ziplock bag, and use to make homemade stocks or broth.